Book Review: The Four Agreements 

The Four Agreements is a book that everyone should read at least once in their lives. When I was reading this book for the first time, I was outside of one of my favorite coffee shops when a stranger approached me and commented on the book and how amazed he was that I was reading it at such a young age.

Book Review: The Four Agreements 

The Four Agreements are essentially a handbook that provides you with the knowledge and courage to live your life being unapologetically YOU. 

Be Impeccable with Your Word

This entails saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Words have immense power. You should not use them to gossip or criticize others. Instead, use your words to uplift people, encourage them to pursue their dreams, and spread love. 

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Everyone is living their own lives dealing with their own challenges on a daily basis. It is easy to project on others. That is why it is key to not take this personally, it will just quickly escalate into anxiety. Simply take a deep breath and move right along. 

Don’t Make Assumptions

Do NOT make assumptions. You are not a mind reader. You do not know what people are thinking. Assumptions just lead to disappointment. It is easier to communicate and find out exactly what is going on so you can act appropriately without any extra stress or anxieties. 

Always Do Your Best

It is important to always do your best. You are your number one fan. Nobody will cheer you on as much as you will. So be your number one fan. Work hard. As long as you do your best you cannot feel like you are not doing enough. Miguel Ruiz said in The Four Agreements, “Your best is going to change from moment to moment.” I think this is really important to remember because it is very easy to be hard on yourself. Be gentle, work hard, and always do your best. 

All in all, I loved The Four Agreements. It is a very easy quick read and the information that you will receive through it is incredibly valuable. Sometimes you just need those gentle reminders even if they sound simple. I am working on practicing these in my daily life. The Four Agreements is great to read at any time of life. I cannot recommend it enough. 

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