Capital One Shopping: Smart Money Moves

Capital One Shopping: Smart Money Moves

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension and mobile app that helps users save money while shopping online. Formerly known as Wikibuy, Capital One provides various features to help users find the best prices, discounts, and coupon codes while shopping on e-commerce websites.

Key features of Capital One Shopping include

Price Comparison

Capital One Shopping compares prices from different sellers to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the product you want to purchase.

Coupon Codes

The extension automatically applies available coupon codes during the checkout process to help you save money on your online purchases.

Price Drop Alerts

Capital One Shopping can notify you if there’s a price drop on items you’ve viewed, allowing you to make purchases at the best possible price.


Users can earn Capital One Shopping credits by making eligible purchases, which can be redeemed for gift cards.

Universal Product Search

You can use Capital One Shopping to search for products across various online retailers, ensuring you find the product you want at the best price.

It’s important to note that while Capital One Shopping can help you find discounts and deals, it’s always a good practice to exercise caution and ensure you’re shopping from reputable websites to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Capital One Shopping compares Amazon pricing to those of other well-known retailers, quickly applies discount codes to your shopping basket, enables you to earn exclusive rewards when you buy at your favorite stores, and more. 

Uses of Capital One Shopping

The simplicity and ease of use of Capital One Shopping makes it convenient for customers to save money when making online purchases. Here are some methods for using Capital One Shopping that are simple:

Simple Installation

Both a mobile app and a browser plugin are offered by Capital One Shopping. It only requires a few clicks to install the browser extension, and once it is, it integrates effortlessly into your browser, making it easy to use when you are shopping online.

Automatic Coupon Codes

The ability of Capital One Shopping to automatically apply coupons throughout the checkout process is one of its unique features. The plugin searches for codes automatically, saving users time and effort and ensuring they receive the best deals.

User Friendly

Both the mobile app and the browser extension have user interfaces that are simple to understand and utilize. Users may easily grasp and make use of the offered tools because of the features’ accessibility and clearly defined functions.

Overall, Capital One Shopping makes it easier for consumers of different technical skill levels to identify discounts and bargains by streamlining the process. Due to its automatic features, saving money while shopping online is simple for anyone to do.

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