College Drinking Games by Ally

Here are my favorite drinking games I have played throughout college. Each one is very different but they are all so simple and easy to catch onto!

College Drinking Games By Ally

Kings cup

How to set up: Spread a deck of cards around a can of beer and everyone sits in a circle. 

What is the game? Each card represents something to do during the game, it could be a game to play with a group, telling someone to drink, or a drinking game! Tons of fun and super easy. 

Rules: pretty simple, each person takes a turn picking a card. When you are done with the card, put it under the tab of the beer can. First person to crack the beer has to drink it. Have fun!!

Ace – Waterfall – Start drinking at the same time as the person to your left, don’t stop until they do. 

Two– You – Choose someone to drink

Three– Me – You drink

Four– Floor – the last person to point to the floor drinks

Five– Guys – guys drink

Six– Chicks – girls drink

Seven– Heaven – raise your hand to the sky, the last person to do so drinks

Eight– Mate – choose someone to be your mate, anytime you drink, they drink

Nine – Rhyme – say a word, the person to your right says a word that rhymes, first person to fail has to drink

Ten – Categories – choose a category of things, person to your right names something in that category, the first person to fail drinks

Jack – Never have I ever – play never have I ever, first person to put all 10 fingers down has to drink

Queen – Questions – ask someone a question, that person then asks someone else a question, the first person to fail drinks

King – Kings cup – Make a rule


This is a really easy and fun game that is just an app you can download on your phone. Within the app there are different categories to play but in my opinion caliente is the best. You start off by putting everyone’s names into the game so when you pass the phone around someone’s name will pop up and tell them to do something. It does get fun and a little inappropriate but with the right group of friends it’s a ton of fun!

Never have I ever

Everyone begins by sitting in a circle and putting their 10 fingers up. It starts by someone stating something like “Never have I ever…” whoever has done it has to put a finger down. It gets to be a lot of fun if people say things to spill some tea about people. First person to put all fingers down loses. Another twist to add to this game is that instead of putting fingers down just take a sip of your drink! 

Flip cup

This is a fun game to play if you are pregaming with a group of friends before the bar. All you need is a few drinks, red solo cups and a table. Split the group into 2 teams and one team is on one side of the table and the other team stands across from them. The two people on opposing teams begin the game by doing “Down, up, down, drink.” Drink what is in your cup, place the cup sitting up right at the edge of the table, take your hand and flip the cup over upside down. The next person beside you can go once your cup lands. Whichever team finishes first wins!

High-low/Screw the Dealer

This is a really easy, fun and fast paced game to play when drinking with friends. Keep in mind, these are the rules I played by, and in my opinion the easiest. All you need is a stack of cards, a group of friends (2 or more people) and a drink. The aim of the game is to get your answer correct so the dealer drinks and if you get it wrong, you drink. The dealer will most likely drink more than the players. 

This is how it goes, the dealer will ask the person to their left to guess the suit (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades or Clubs). If they guess correctly, the dealer drinks, if they guess wrong, they drink. Moving onto the next person, the dealer asks if the card they are about to pull is higher or lower than the last card. If they guess correctly, the dealer drinks, if they guess wrong, they drink. Next person guesses the suit and it keeps alternating back and fourth. You keep going around in a circle until all cards are gone and trust me its fun and gets the drinks going. 

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