Healthy After-Class Snacks 

There is something extra tasty about an after-class snack. Maybe it is because during class you are daydreaming about what you have in your fridge for when you get home. I have been trying to stay on top of what I am putting into my body. I want to fuel my body with what is going to make it feel good, and give me the energy to tackle the rest of the day. 

Tomato & Burrata 

Tomato and Burrata is one of my favorite snacks. My favorite way to make this snack is to place a ball of burrata in the bowl and then cut up cherry tomatoes, specifically fresh from the garden, if they are ready. Then I like to add a little bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and Everything But The Bagel seasoning, topped with a swirl of balsamic glaze. This snack is to die for. 

Pretzels and Hummus 

This semester I have been an avid pretzel consumer. I have been trying all sorts of types of pretzels and different combinations with hummus. I love to add hummus when eating pretzels because it adds some protein to the meal. My favorite brand of pretzels is called Knotty Beer Pretzels. They have a bunch of different flavors. I cannot even pick my favorite because one is just as good as the next! I highly recommend it. 


A smoothie is another healthy snack that is super easy to make and always a great treat. My favorite smoothie to make is a mango, banana, and spinach smoothie. It tastes amazing and makes me feel good for getting some greens in. 

Apples & Caramel 

I LOVE apples and caramel. Especially during the chillier months. Something about them reminds me of my childhood and going to the pumpkin patch. I like to grab the little to-go packs of dipping caramel from the store so it is easier to eat and does not make a mess. 

By eating a healthy snack after class, you will have fueled your body with food that is going to turn into energy. You will be ready to accomplish your goals and tackle any obstacle the day has to throw in your way!

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