How to Talk to a Girl at the Bar

I have had some pretty interesting ways men have tried talking to me at the bar… some good and some bad. This is a read every man should follow if you want to learn the right way to talk to women at the bar. Follow these steps the next time you want to meet a girl on your night out.

Eye Contact 

I personally love the little glances and looks you get with eye contact from across the room at a bar. Just make sure you don’t overdo it making yourself look like a creep who is staring. For women, it is the best indicator that someone is into them. 

Introduce Yourself

The most important part is the step that comes after the eye contact, it is figuring out how you will go up to her and what to say. I like the classic act of just going up to say hi and introducing yourself to her. Add a little compliment in there too but don’t make it sexual or about her body in any way. I love hearing guys compliment how cute my smile is or how pretty my eyes are instead.  

Pickup Lines

Some men have their own classic pickup lines they use too, but I think this only works depending on what it is or who they are talking to. If it is a pickup line that is funny or creative I will give them points for it.

Get to Know Her

I love a good conversation, especially when the guy seems really interested in getting to know who I am. There is nothing worse than a superficial and awkward conversation, so do not be afraid to ask questions and see what you have in common. 

Offer to Buy her a Drink 

There is a debate on whether or not to buy a girl her drink but I think men should always offer to. Brownie points out if they offer to buy her friends drinks too! I think it is extremely attractive when I am talking to a guy at the bar and he asks me what I am drinking and orders me a drink without asking if I wanted it or not. Just remember that buying a drink is just a nice gesture, not consent, so do not expect anything in return.

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