My First Big Girl Move

Making My First Big Girl Move: Journey into Adulthood

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My First Big Girl Move

The past few months after graduating this past May, I have constantly considered where I should move to. Never would I have imagined moving back to Charleston, South Carolina.

During my first year of college, I attended the College of Charleston for a semester, and after a few months of being there, I found myself wanting to transfer schools.

So everyone is questioning me by saying, you left CofC, so why are you going back? I was so young, 18 years old, and that was my first time being that far from home; I was extremely homesick. Times have changed; I am now 22 and ready to move. 

My First Big Girl Move

Last week, Emory and I traveled to Charleston to apartment shop and never would have thought we would be signing a lease.

We were touring apartment complexes and houses. Looking at apartment complexes, we both agreed that we didn’t like their vibe. I didn’t want to renew the lease when the time came.

We jumped onto Zillow and started looking for houses. We walk into the perfect home and instantly fall in love with it. The house was just recently renovated, and the ceilings were so high.

It was honestly perfect. Next thing you know, we’re moving to Charleston in a month! It’s stressful having to pay for rent by myself for the first time, but it will definitely feel so rewarding.

On the plus side, we have plenty of friends there and are already familiar with the area, which definitely makes me feel better about moving. There is a Charleston girl’s group that holds so many events to meet friends, which I really want to go to.

It will be a perfect and fun move; we will keep you updated on how things are going! PS Living by King St will be really dangerous for my bank account.

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