National Football Day

Happy National Football Day!! AKA the best time of year.

The start of football season brings with it a special game-day atmosphere. Before games, many fans love tailgating, when they get together with friends and family to chat, play games, and cook food. The vibrant environment inside and outside the stadium enhances how much fans are enjoying the season as a whole.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year because that means football season! Whether I am watching football at home with my family or going to a game, it is the best time. 

My family is originally from Pittsburgh PA and bleeds black and yellow. With that being said, we are die hard Steelers fans. Don’t even say the word Eagles or Ravens near us! 

The Steelers are known for the iconic Terrible Towel, which fans wave during the games to show support of the team. They are also known for the song, Renegade which is played during a big defensive play to hype the team and fans up.

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