Southwest Rapid Rewards

Southwest Rapid Rewards: Earn Flights Faster

If you’re anything like me, after college, a lot of your friendships turned into long distance relationships. As fun as it can be to send each other TikToks and have Facetime dates, nothing beats quality time with your besties.

Flying can be expensive and airline credit cards can be difficult to decipher. Southwest Rapid Rewards makes it easy to earn flights faster so you see your friends and fam more frequently! Keep reading to learn some of our fave things about the Rapid Rewards program.

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No Blackout Dates

One of the worst things is checking your email to see a flight promotion, then reading the fine print to find out it’s only valid if you fly on a random day of the week and only if you buy RIGHT NOW.

Southwest Rapid Rewards is the complete opposite; you can use your rewards to fly any day of the week, any time. Save up miles to go visit mom for Christmas, see your best friend on her birthday, and any day in between. 

No Expiration

Most flight rewards programs give you less than a year to use your miles, which is totally unfair. I’ll fly 6 times in the span of a few months and then go over a year without traveling. Rapid Rewards gives you the flexibility to use your miles whenever works for you, not on a random deadline. 

Earn Quickly

The name doesn’t lie; Rapid Rewards rack up quickly! If you want to earn more rewards (and treat yourself at the same time!) you can always upgrade your flight to Anytime or Business Select. The more you fly, the higher tier you become with the program and the more rewards you’ll earn per flight! 

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