Before You Buy The Kitten

Gordon spawned into my life. One of my best friends was walking my dog and found Gordon in a tree. She grabbed him and gave me a call and to be honest the rest is history. Having a kitten is beyond rewarding.

Just know your mom is right and they are a lot more work than you would expect. Here are a few things I wish I knew before Gordon came into my life. 

Before You Buy The Kitten

They Cost More Than You Think

Gordon has truly become my bestie but he is also expensive. I was not prepared for how much the vet visits were going to cost and even how much the food and litter would be every month. We have had a couple scares with Gordon so the vet trips have been extra expensive. You never know what could happen, cats get sick just like people. It is important to have the extra money aside incase of an emergency. 

Cats Need Attention

People get cats thinking they are low maintenance but that is not the case. Cats love to love. If you take the time and are patient and gentle with a cat it will play and snuggle with you. They are best friends. You can buy some cheap pet supplies from Dollartree and make your pet happy otherwise they need your more time and attention.

They Need to be Trained

I guess I never really put in the thought that cats need to be trained. This is probably because they come potty trained. Gordon knew how to use the litter box since the day I took him in. Very impressive if you ask me. He has still had to be trained in many different ways. We don’t want him walking on our tables, in our plants, or scratching our furniture so the spray bottle has been our best friend. Gordon is only six months old and he has already learned so much, it just takes patience. 

They Love to Play

I always wanted a dog because I knew dogs played. Every cat I was in contact with growing up never wanted to play, they always just hid. It gave me the sense that they just didn’t enjoy playing. Boy, was I wrong. Gordon is like the energizer bunny. All he wants to do is play play play. I am so happy that I have a kitten that is high energy, he literally feels like a dog sometimes. 

They Will Be Your Best Friend

I can promise you that it is not going to take long for your furry friend to steal your heart. I remember when I first got Gordon I was very excited but also nervous because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle the responsibility. Then the thought of not having him came into my mind and I quickly realized that I would do anything to take care of him and that I could be more than responsible enough to care for him. Fast forward a few months and I can’t imagine life without the little guy. 

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