White Elephant Gifts

White Elephant Gifts: 2023 Unique & Affordable Ideas

White Elephant gifts is my favorite gift-giving game with friends and family during the holiday season. Having a mix of steal-worthy and funny gag gifts is always fun.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for your next White Elephant party!

Best White Elephant Gifts

For Girls Card Game

Anybody who like a nice card game? A terrific gift exchange idea for any group of women is For The Girls. You will laugh so hard at this game that I can assure you you will play all night.

Carpool Karaoke

I never imagined that I would use this microphone as frequently as I do, but I won it in White Elephant a few years ago. It takes a carpool karaoke microphone to shorten long vehicle rides. It’s a worthwhile gift that will win you over!

Ring Toss Game

This ring toss game is a blast and would be good for kids or adults. Adults can turn it into a fun drinking game but kids can have fun with it without the alcohol! This is a great white elephant gift because it would be good for any age. 


Recently everyone has been enjoying Colleen Hoover books, if the group of people you are playing with are big readers and haven’t read her books yet, this is the perfect White Elephant gifts! It comes with 3 of her books, which are also some of her best and most popular books.

Shot Glass Roulette

Shot glass roulette is such a fun game and gets everyone drinking! I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in getting this gift!

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