Marquee Review by Lauren & Bella

We went to Vegas for the first time and going to clubs was one of things on our list of things we wanted to do. Marquee was the first club we went to!

Marquee Review by Lauren & Bella

We were only in Vegas from Tuesday-Friday, so we went to the Marquee on Wednesday night. Definitely not as crazy as it would have been on the weekend, but definitely still fun. The Marquee is located in the Cosmopolitan on the Strip.

Every Wednesday night, the Marquee does ‘Lowkey in the Library’ which is only in a small area in the upper part of the club. The main part of the club is closed off during these nights, so it is a much more intimate vibe. The atmosphere is really cool and it really is designed to look and feel just like a library.

Our host brought us to our table, which was a couch located right across from the fireplace, which was a really great location to be. All of the employees were super attentive and super helpful. Our waitress was constantly checking in on us and our bus boy was always taking old cups and replenishing everything on our table for us. The security was also amazing, constantly keeping out unwanted guests from our area.

It was definitely a lifesaver having a table during ‘Lowkey in the Library’ because of how packed it can get. There were so many people crowded in by the DJ booth, so it was definitely nice to have our own place to escape to.

Our table had a $1500 minimum, so we ordered a bottle of tequila, which of course came out with all the fireworks! This was our first bottle service experience, so it was really fun to experience.

The music was all EDM house music, which was super fun and upbeat.

Overall, Marquee was a great experience and we definitely want to go back on the weekend when the entire club is open!

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