Omnia Review By Lauren and Bella

We were only in Las Vegas for a short period of time, but while we were there we went to two different clubs and both were amazing, but we think Omnia may have been our favorite.

Omnia Review By Lauren and Bella

Omnia is located inside Caesars Palace. The main part of the club was closed off that night so we didn’t get to experience the entire club. We went on a Thursday night and everything was outside, which I think we would have liked being outside better anyway. We loved the vibe of Omnia because the outdoor setting made it feel a lot more open and spacious. 

Our host brought us to our table where we had a great view of the rest of the club and the Strip. We love to people-watch, so it was really entertaining being able to watch everyone else at their tables and on the dancefloor. The staff couldn’t have been any more helpful! All of the servers were super nice and helpful, constantly checking in on us to make sure we were okay and being taken care of.

We also really enjoyed the DJ, the music was really fun because it was more pop songs, so we knew the words to almost every song, as compared to many clubs that play more EDM music.

The minimum for our table was $1200, so we ordered a bottle of tequila and got the choice of what mixers we wanted to go with it.

Overall, Omnia is definitely our kind of vibe and definitely a spot we will revisit next time we are in Vegas! We would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a fun outdoor spot with a great view for a night out!


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