Red Flags in dating

Top Red Flags to Look for in Men

A red flag is something you can see in a guy that is either a toxic trait or causes you to get the “ick”. A red flag is known to be a literal warning of danger or a situation to stay away from, but recently it has been used to describe toxic traits in men to stay away from. Here are some of my red flags I watch out for in a relationship!

Don’t get along with your friends

This has to be one of the worst traits in a guy. You should be able to bring your boyfriend around your friends and he should treat them just as well!

Super secretive

Nobody likes a secretive person, like what are you hiding??

Doesn’t take you on a date

I feel like this is a must – they shouldn’t be your boyfriend if they haven’t taken you on a first date or even out in public.

Avoids bringing you around his friends

If he doesn’t want to bring you around his friends then why are you even dating? I always loved hanging out with my boyfriend and his friends and would’ve been a major red flag if he didnt bring me around them.

Doesn’t go on his phone around you

HUGEEE red flag. My one boyfriend who was cheating on me the whole time didnt get on his phone once when he was with me and now it all makes sense. Take notice of this one girls!!

Snap score

A 2 million snap score… like come on that is way too high, what are you doing snapping that many people?

In a frat

Love myself a frat boy… but they are not keepers. Stay away from them with a 10 ft pole. Trust me there are better boys out there than ones wearing dirty air force 1s.

Never admits to being wrong

Everyone is always wrong at some point in their life, so just admit it.

Only hits you up after 12am

Ahhhhh we all probably have one of these in our phone. Yeah this is fun every once in a while, but let’s be real – you’re not going to date.

History of cheating

RED FLAG. This one is self explanatory, stay away from the cheaters!

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