What to Pack for Vegas

I recently went to Vegas for the first time and I had no idea what to expect. When preparing for the trip, I had an especially hard time figuring out what I should pack for clubs and piecing together outfits for all of the different things we were going to do. After my trip, I can confidently give you a list of a few things you must bring!

Comfortable walking shoes

Comfy shoes you can walk miles in are a must!!!! You are definitely going to be walking way more than you think you are, and the last thing you want is blisters. Whatever your most reliable walking shoes are, bring them and wear them!

A sweatshirt/jacket

Las Vegas can be super hot, but the casinos are freezing! I made the mistake of not wearing a sweatshirt our first night and I instantly regretted it. I learned my lesson and started bringing one everywhere we went. Even if it is 90 degrees outside, you are going to want to have one with you just in case.

Platform heels

If you are going to the club at all, do yourself a favor and wear platform heels. They save your feet from so much pain and are definitely much more comfortable than regular heels. Between walking to the club, dancing, and walking home, your feet are bound to be hurt, so try to save them as much as you can!

Cute club outfits

Bring fun dresses or sets for the clubs! You can honestly get away with wearing whatever you want because it is Vegas, but I would definitely recommend wearing something you will feel comfortable enough to walk through casinos and down the Strip in. 

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