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A Few of our Favorite Casinos in Vegas – By Lauren And Bella

Ever since turning 21, we have discovered how fun gambling is. We went for the first time in Atlantic City, but this was our first time in Vegas! We had no idea what to expect, but it is amazing and crazy in all the best ways. The casinos saw us at our best and at our worst! We did a lot of casino hopping, and here were some of our favorites!

Few of our Favorite Casinos in Vegas


Caesars is always a good time. This is one of the casinos we go to when we go to Atlantic City, so getting to gamble there made us feel at home! We only went there a few times but really enjoyed it. We went to the club at Caesars and as soon as we left we went right to gamble downstairs! It is a really pretty casino and some of our favorite shopping was also done here!

The Linq:

The Linq is located right in the heart of the Strip. We hung out here a lot. The Linq is one of the more modern casinos, definitely more our vibe. It is where the High Roller and the Icebar are located, as well as many of our other favorite food spots. It honestly may have been one of our favorites out of all of the casinos we visited while in Vegas!


The Flamingo is an older casino but still a great time. We went in here a few times just to switch it up, especially since it was so close to us. It wasn’t our favorite, but it was still fun to have a change of scenery. We had a few fun tables here when we played blackjack!


We stayed at Harrahs while in Vegas, so this is where we did a lot of our gambling. For our first time in Vegas, this was a great spot to stay. Harrahs is in the middle of basically everything, so everything was in walking distance from our hotel! If we didn’t feel like waking anywhere we could easily just go downstairs and gamble. We would go down in our pajamas or dressed for the club!


The Cosmopolitan is one of the prettier casinos, because of the Chandelier Bar, which is super pretty. There are tons of fun bars and hidden speakeasies, like the Ghost Donkey and the Barbershop. It is also home to our most favorite breakfast spots, Eggslut. We gambled here for a bit on our first night and went to the Marquee which is also located at the Cosmopolitan our second night!

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