How to Play Kings Cup?

This is such a fun drinking game to play with a group of friends who don’t do well with tons of rules. Keep the rules up on your phone and it’s easy to follow, but most of the rules rhyme with the card so it’s super easy. Get with some friends, chill in sweatpants and get the drinks flowin!

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How to Play Kings Cup?

How to set up: Spread a deck of cards around a can of beer and everyone sits in a circle. 

What is the game? Each card represents something to do during the game, it could be a game to play with a group, telling someone to drink, or a drinking game! Tons of fun and super easy. 

Rules : pretty simple, each person takes a turn picking a card. When you are done with the card, put it under the tab of the beer can. First person to crack the beer has to drink it. Have fun!!

Ace – Waterfall – Start drinking at the same time as the person to your left, don’t stop until they do. 

Two – You – Choose someone to drink

Three – Me – You drink

Four – Floor – the last person to point to the floor drinks

Five – Guys – guys drink

Six – Chicks – girls drink

Seven – Heaven – raise your hand to the sky, the last person to do so drinks

Eight – Mate – choose someone to be your mate, anytime you drink, they drink

Nine – Rhyme – say a word, the person to your right says a word that rhymes, first person to fail has to drink

Ten – Categories – choose a category of things, person to your right names something in that category, the first person to fail drinks

Jack – Never have I ever – play never have I ever, first person to put all 10 fingers down has to drink

Queen – Questions – ask someone a question, that person then asks someone else a question, the first person to fail drinks

King – Kings cup – Make a rule

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