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Pique Tea Ultimate Reviews Guide (2023)

We are excited to share with you our review of Pique Tea. The last two weeks, we have been sampling and tasting Pique tea to be able to share our thoughts on it! I was not familiar with Pique Tea before this and I am so glad to have found it.

If you want high-quality tea that tastes fantastic and is packed with antioxidants, we highly recommend taking a look at Pique Tea.

Not to mention all the health advantages of drinking tea (improved digestion, more energy, immune support, etc.), which go beyond just the taste.  With all of this in mind, it was essentially obvious that we had to tell you about this brand.

Pique Tea

Pique Tea

Everything you need to know about Pique Tea and reviews of their many teas are in our guide. Before getting the tea, we were expecting it to come in tea bags like classic tea and were not expecting to be able to put it on ice.

We instantly fell in love when we saw we could have it on ice as we are not a huge fan of tea and this instantly grabbed our attention.

It is also much more convenient having it on ice when you are in a rush since you can grab a packet to go or throw it in a water bottle without having to boil water. 

Pique Tea has four pillars to make better products. Below are the four pillars they follow.

  1. The best organic tea leaves and herbs are obtained via sourcing from family-run farms all around the world.
  2. Antioxidants and phytonutrients are extracted whole using cold extraction technology.
  3. Utilizing concentrated, whole plant ingredients in their goods allows for optimum phytonutrient consumption and maximizes the benefits of the products for the tea drinker.
  4. Triple toxin screening is used to guarantee a pure product.

Pique Tea ensures to cover multiple areas of health support, which include,

  1. Immune support
  2. Digestion
  3. Energy
  4. Radiant skin
  5. Fasting

Our Favorites By Pique Life

BT Fountain

The BT Fountain beauty electrolyte is our favorite product from Pique due to its amazing taste and great results. It stands out against other electrolyte drinks because it is loaded with clean ingredients and it is also vegan.

It also does not contain added sugar which is another plus! We both drank this in the morning for hydration and it really did make an impact on the way we felt during the day.

We also drank it during a workout to replenish electrolytes. We highly recommend this product for hydration and glowing skin! 

Sun Goddess Match

We are both big fans of coffee and decided to start drinking matcha since it is better for your overall health and the sun goddess matcha was the best we have tasted so far. With a faint floral aftertaste, it is light and pleasant.

Try mixing it with coconut water if you want to change things up. The single packs are particularly practical for daily use and travel. If we don’t use this product, we truly notice a difference. It tastes great and makes us feel fantastic on the inside and out.

Daily Immune

Vitamin C is an essential supplement for everyday use and the Pique daily radiance packets make it super easy for your daily intake.

The daily radiance is especially good  during the cold/flu season. We are going to add it to our daily regimen during the fall/winter. Love the fact that it helps with complexion as well. Bonus!

Pique tea is a 10/10 and I highly recommend it! I am sure there are plenty of other flavors that are just as good as the ones we tried! 

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