Things To Do in Nashville

Hey y’all! I like to think I am the expert on all things Nashville since I went three times over the span of six months. I am already planning the fourth trip because it is seriously like an adult Disney World haha.

Nashville offers a variety of things to do and everytime I visit I find a new favorite restaurant, excursion, or place to check out. If you are planning on going to Nashville I recommend checking out some of my favorites listed below!

Things To Do in Nashville

#1 Sprocket Rocket

My all time favorite thing to do in Nashville is going on the Sprocket Rocket party bike. This is the number one excursion I recommend to everyone who is visiting Nashville. I have gone on Sprocket Rocket three times with Drew (the best employee!!). Each ride holds a total of fifteen people and if your group is less than that, they fill the ride with other groups. I have met some amazing people on the ride and we all stick together and hit Broadway afterwards. I would recommend going around five o’clock and treating the ride as a pregame for the honky tonks. It is BYOB, so make sure to bring plenty of alcohol for this hour and a half ride. It is the time of your life pedaling down Broadway with a drink in your hand and everyone on the streets treating you like a celebrity. Cheers!

#2 Hampton Social

If you are looking for a good spot for brunch, the Hampton Social is the place to be. The aesthetic of the restaurant is a total vibe along with the amazing food and outrageous drinks. Make sure to plan ahead by making a reservation since everyone who visits wants to eat here.

I recommend ordering the bananas foster french toast and donut drops for a sweet treat. If you want to get your drink on early… the “I literally can’t” is a great specialty cocktail that comes in a massive sea shell for multiple people to share. Enjoy the brunch and drinks along with the cute pictures you can take here!

#3 Sixty Vines

Sixty Vines is another spot I recommend for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. In the morning they offer an unlimited mimosa bar with a variety of toppings such as fruits, fruit juices, and syrups. The breakfast menu is diverse with some classics such as french toast and different foods like a breakfast pizza with maple syrup. I really enjoyed the breakfast burger with a poached egg on top. I also love the dinner menu here as well. I came for drinks and appetizers one night and was not disappointed. The charcuterie board was beautiful and the mussels were delicious. You can never go wrong with eating at Sixty Vines.

#4 Line Dancing

Everyone local to Nashville knows how to line dance and I always wanted to learn how. The Wildhorse Saloon has live music and free line dancing lessons all day long. It was one of the top things to do on my bucket list and it was a blast. I will say I made a fool of myself and learned that I am a horrible line dancer haha. You have to check it out and see if you are any better than I am!

#5 Ride the bull

Where do I start with riding the bull in Nashville… Every time I visit I make sure to ride it at least twice because it is so much fun. Sprocket Rocket takes a fifteen-minute break and everyone usually stops at Nashville Underground where the bull is. Make sure to get your phones out and take lots of pictures and videos of your friends. The Wild Beaver Saloon also has a bull to ride so definitely make it a priority to ride one.

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